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The Actor's Invisible Tools

Building a character is a long creative process of adding “flesh and blood” to an imaginary person. This means that you create and adopt a whole new identity.

To understand the values of another person, why they act or behave in a certain way or take decisions different from yours, you need to put yourself into their shoes and understand their perspective.

In fact, diving into a different identity while working on a character would better define your own set of values, which are forming your own identity. This is extremely important nowadays, so you can understand different points of view, confront changes and adapt easier in the outside world without losing yourself.

When we go on stage, we stand there for a reason, with some purpose. We stand in front of the audience to state or show something important, something that will make a difference, so that the audience will be changed somehow after they leave. Be sure though, that you cannot make changes, nor convince others to believe in your words or actions, if you don’t believe them yourself. Truthfulness starts from you, and it is born out of your honesty. Then, this truth will be possible to reach out to your audience, too and give them some value.

The big question is “HOW?”: how to believe in something that isn’t real and create events that are non- existent at the present moment; how to make something that is imaginative to be visible or even tangible?

The answer is simple: through the power of your imagination and the belief of your senses and experiences.

To be able to create or recreate a new reality on stage, an actor needs to imagine and experience it as real. Therefore, actors need to tone down any scepticism and amplify instead of their belief, senses, and imagination.

In this chapter you will be involved in exercises where you can explore how your physical senses can stimulate and empower your imagination. Self-examination and self-reflection are important parts of the process. Acting is just an ultimate guide of learning what self-awareness means. To know yourself in depth is on top of the actor's agenda.

You will learn how you can perceive the world of the character by utilising your remembered and imagined stories. And you will be reflecting on your own senses and impressions. You will also become more conscious about how your senses influence your feelings and emotions and how to turn this into positive experiences in your everyday life.

The following exercises will train your ability to understand the logic of a certain behaviour or actions, different from your own. It is a priceless skill that you will need during your whole lifespan. Remember that “understanding” doesn’t necessarily mean “agreeing with”.

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Learn to Discover and Experience

Through the Magic of Theatre


Part 1: Training Qualities and Skills

  • Chapter 1: Learn How to Relax and Concentrate
  • Chapter 2: Learn How to use Your Body
  • Chapter 3: Learn How to use Your Voice

Part 2: The Actors' Invisible Tools

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