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Deal with Challanges

Working as a team developing a story by justifying actions is a hard job, not everybody would be at the same level of concentration and speed of thinking. There is a possibility that in the beginning you would have difficulties to think up what you need as fast as you want. This is normal. Remember our imagination and focus can be trained and improved.

When working together on a story, don’t pay attention to who is speaking, but what they are saying and how the whole story goes.

You can improve the collaborative creation of the story by being tolerant and helping each other to focus on it. Be polite and don’t criticise your team partners; better use your imagination for something useful that helps the workflow instead of destroying it.

Create an “extra help” rule, while doing the exercises together: If you can’t think up something on your own, you call a classmate for “help”. For example: in the “Fortunately/Unfortunately” game you can ask “Help!” if you cannot think up the following action. Some of your partners will surely save you in this situation. This means all participants should be actively listening and ready to keep the story going.

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Learn to Discover and Experience

Through the Magic of Theatre


Part 1: Training Qualities and Skills

  • Chapter 1: Learn How to Relax and Concentrate
  • Chapter 2: Learn How to use Your Body
  • Chapter 3: Learn How to use Your Voice

Part 2: The Actors' Invisible Tools

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