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Exercise: The Ad Game

20 MIN
Group exercise

Sometimes it happens that we find a certain task not as interesting as we wish. If there is no option to change the task, then you can change the way you look at it. There is always a way to see something in a different and more enjoyable light.

The purpose of this exercise is to train your imagination to awaken when you need it and even when you find some activities to be moody or boring.

The purpose is also to experience affirming, reinforcing, and improving a situation or a scene by collaborating with the others in the creative process. To experience how even ideas that don’t seem exciting or flashy can contribute to building the reality of the scene. And how the result is always bigger and better because of the collaborative way it’s formed.

1. Prepare

This game requires good listening skills, inventive approach, creative thinking, and positive response to new ideas. This develops your enthusiasm and acceptance for innovation and changes. When we hear “Ads” automatically we think about a presentation aiming for a positive impact. Keep this in mind and implement it in the exercise.

Do it in a group of three or more! Start by choosing an object - a chair, a phone, a shoe, etc., and use your imagination to find new qualities of this object.

The whole group will work together to expose a revolutionary new product they’ve invented.

Part 1: Use 3-5 min to think of possible features and

Part 2: Use 2 min for every group to present those features as if it is a real commercial.

2. Do It

Part 1: One starts with a bombastic description of the object no matter how ordinary it is. (“This is a one-of-a-kind Brown Chair”).

Everyone enthusiastically exclaims “YES!” as if this is the greatest thing they have seen in the world. Then, another player continues with “AND..” and contributes with a new idea or characteristic containing extraordinary benefits: “and you can sit on it without even falling on the floor”. Everyone exclaims altogether: “YES!” as if this is an even greater discovery.

Continue building the value of the object describing its benefits and features. Try to present as many as possible within the timeframe you have. Make everyone believe it is the greatest thing to have and your life would be better if you use it.

Part 2: Once you have created the picture of this fantastic product, it is time to “release it in public”. Develop these ideas into a commercial for your new product. Work together. Make it simple and catchy.

  • Identify a catchy name
  • Tagline/Slogan (a short, easily-to-remember phrase used in advertisement)
  • An action to present it 
  • A celebrity who endorses your product

Be creative and enjoy.

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